A Three-Turtle Summer, #1 in my Turtle Trilogy


#1 in my Turtle Trilogy
suitable for most NA and adults
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Janelle Meraz Hooper gives us more than a story. She gives us a cast of hilarious and memorable characters in a vividly drawn scene. Libroseninguana.com

 Light-hearted writing, deep and disturbing content, October 31, 2013 by James R. Muri
This review is from: A Three-Turtle Summer (Paperback) 4 stars
Janelle – our author – has written a novel that disguises years of horror and despair behind cozy country anecdotes, dialogue, and situations. To me, this reads like a psychological thriller / chiller, made all the more so by the calm and carefree rhetorical style used throughout.

To some this would be disconcerting; to me, Janelle has produced a piece of genuine art. If you’re looking for warm fuzzies in a story, the only warm fuzzy you’ll find in this one is basic survival and triumph. I found it impossible to put down. I was struck – to keep hammering on this – by how deeply contrasted the prose and peril were. Excellent read, excellent work, Janelle.

By Marmalade on May 3, 2014 5 stars
This is a gripping story of domestic abuse fueled by the high level of racism existing in Oklahoma in the late forties. It documents the cruelties suffered by the Hispanic, Japanese and African American of that era.

Grace, the youngest daughter of a close-knit Hispanic family, lives in constant terror of being assaulted by her bigoted, mean-spirited husband, Dwayne. She suffers her beatings in silence fearing he will take her daughter, Glory, away from her. Grace is a talented seamstress and with the help of her family devises a plan to be free of her abuser while he is away on military leave.

The characters are fleshed out and the action is fast paced and full of suspense. This is a terrific read that offers hope to the victims of abuse and racism. Well done.

2002 Bold Media 1st place fiction award

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Custer & His Naked Ladies

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Excerpt, A Three-Turtle Summer


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A Three-Turtle Summer

The first book in my Turtle Trilogy

Grace has to dump a man who is meaner than a rattlesnake and dumber than adobe…

Fort Sill, Oklahoma, July, 1949
It was too hot to play cards, especially if someone were keeping score, and Vera was.
Ay, carumba! You can’t stand to go two hours without beating someone at something can you?” Grace Tyler playfully pouted.

Vera ignored her little sister, and began shuffling cards as she gleefully announced, “Senoras, the game is canasta, and we’re going to play according to Hoyle.” She began to deal the cards like a Las Vegas gambler while Pauline laughed and pointed at her mother, a notorious and frequent card-cheater.

Everyone was hot, but in her long-sleeved shirt and long skirt, Grace was sweltering. Sweat beaded up on her forehead and neck and she kept stretching her legs out because the backs of her knees stuck to her skirt.

“Gracie, for God’s sake, go put some shorts on,” Vera said.

Grace ignored her sister, pulled her shirt away from her perspiring chest and asked,

“Anyone want more iced tea before Vera whips the pants off of us?”

Momma and Pauline both nodded and Grace poured tea over fresh ice cubes while Vera got a tablet and pencil out of her purse.

The room was almost silent as each woman arranged her hand. Only Momma barely tapped her foot and softly sang a song from her childhood under her breath:

“The fair senorita with the rose in her hair …
worked in the cantina but she didn’t care …
played cards with the men and took all their loot … awh-ha!
went to the store and bought brand new boots … ”

“Awh-Haaa!” Grace’s five-year-old daughter Glory joined in.

Paperback, Kindle (etc.) Suitable for adults. Bold Media 1st place award winner, novel category. iUniverse.

Book 2 of the Turtle Trilogy: As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries. iUniverse.

Book 3 of the Turtle Trilogy: Custer & His Naked Ladies. iUniverse. 

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My Three-Turtle Summer

Photo of me as a child with my new blond hair

The 1st book in my Turtle Trilogy
Amazon-Paperback and Kindle
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My A Three-Turtle Summer novel (really a fictional autobiography) got its title because it was so hot that summer my pet turtles kept dying. Well, the first two died, anyway. The third one hung in there until winter when I dropped it in the snow. This part of the story is real and I can still remember the imprint the little creature made in the moonlit snow. I didn’t dare tell my father that I’d dropped it because I had been told not to take it out of the house—my dad had a terrible temper and I feared him. The above photo was taken that summer. Notice the blond hair. There’s a story behind that too. Aunt Vera (the same one with the kitchen in an earlier blog) colored it in a failed attempt to save my mother from another beating from my father, who was unhappy because I was looking more like her everyday.  A Three-Turtle Summer (part one of my Turtle Trilogy) is a grown-up book and it has its tough spots but it also has a lot of humor. 

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The symbolism of turtles

This photo was sent to me by my son-in-law, Chris

When I began my first novel, A Three-Turtle Summer, I had no conscious idea of the symbolism I was creating by using a turtle. I was unaware of the Native American belief that the turtle was the symbol of wisdom, perseverance, and the power of female energies. Unconsciously, the first novel was the beginning of a turtle theme which has run through all three of the books that I call my Turtle Trilogy*. My affection for these creatures has added joy to my life. * A Three-Turtle Summer, As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries, and Custer and His Naked Ladies.

In my latest novel, a romance titled Boogie, Boots & Cherry Pie, I’ve also got a turtle. This one skateboards!

My readers have sent me turtles of all sizes and colors. I cannot have a live turtle for health reasons but I wouldn’t have one anyway because I believe wild animals should be free.

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