Worldreader 2016 top ten book list is out!

Worldreader 2016 top ten book list is out!

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Pull a toddler onto your lap—or tuck it into bed—and share a tale about a house that has a mouse problem (There’s a Mouse in the House!), a gooseberry-gobbling pheasant (George, the Great Green Gooseberry Gobbler), and a cat named Ribbons who gets into trouble with a Christmas tree (Ribbons at Christmas). I’ve broken up the story about Jamaica and Jupiter (Jamaica and Jupiter) into shorter chapter stories so that the friendship between the “outside” bird and the “inside bird” can develop over time.

This small collection of short stories and poetry is from my personal collection of stories I told to my daughter and grandson. Most of the stories are based upon real-life events in our family. My grandson co-authored the opening poem.

My approach to telling stories to children is the same as my approach to talking to them: I never used baby talk or purposely avoided complicated words if they enhanced the story. If there was a question about a word we looked it up and talked about it.

All of my writing, whether it’s women’s fiction, short stories, historical, or a story for children, has humor. Also, as in all of my writing, I bring an awareness of the environment into the story content.

I hope you agree with me:

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”
Frederick Douglas

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Short Stories now available on Amazon

Short story sale on my Kindle shorts: Harpy & Julianne’s Tomato war, Escape to Laredo, Old Joe’s Pink Cadillac, The Slum Resort, Rocky Beaches, and There’s a Mouse in the House! are now just $0.99 USD for a short time only. 

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Harpy & Julianne’s Tomato War
Last summer, Harpy & Julianne were fussing over cats and roses in my short story book, Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories (not on sale). This year, the two senior gardeners are having a tomato war. Kindle only. Suitable for all.


 Escape to Laredo cover

Escape to Laredo
To save her family, Gregoria Marteen and her children are fleeing Mexico on a train after the death of her husband. A pastry chef, Gregoria’s first job in Texas is at Bettye Buford’s Bed & Table. It does not go well. Kindle only. Suitable for all.



9-26-12 Old Joe cover


Old Joe’s Pink Cadillac
Old Joe didn’t have much, never did. But, at least, he had Elizabeth,
for a while…before his daughter, Cascade, got out of a women’s correctional facility and took her for a ride while Joe was at work. Kindle only. Suitable for all.



There’s a Mouse in the House!
A book of short stories and poetry to be read to toddlers.
Children and parents  alike will love the story content and characters like Okra (the cat), Jamaica (the green parrot), Mr. Hop (the nature-loving farmer), and more. A Worldreader favorite.



The Slum Resort
…Henry arrived at the ramshackle trailer park in the middle of the night, thinking no one would notice he was being dropped off by a limousine. They noticed. The other tenants, all connected by recycled CBs, were awakened by the sound of an expensive engine purring outside Rodella’s, the manager’s, door. They whispered into their microphones to each other: “Who was he?” “Why was he here?” “What did he want from Rodella?”


Surviving Arthritis, How to Live on a Rocky Beach
A little upbeat booklet about surviving auto-immune issues. NON-MEDICAL.







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Read the first Harpy & Julianne Story here.
Read the first Harpy & Julianne story, Harpy & Julianne’s War of the Roses, here. Paperback & Kindle. Suitable for all.