George, the Great Green-Gooseberry Gobbler, excerpt




There’s a Mouse in the House!

One summer, Mr. Hop discovered a big pheasant in his garden. He decided to call him George, the Great Green Gooseberry Gobbler, because he saw him underneath one of his gooseberry bushes—quickly gobbling green gooseberries even though they were still green!
Sometimes, when Mr. Hop went to the garden, he would get real close to the gooseberry bush. George would sneak around to the back of the bush and peek at Mr. Hop through the bush’s branches. Mr. Hop began following him around the gooseberry bush, all the time fussing with the hoe, pretending he didn’t see his new feathered friend who was—sneakily gobbling green gooseberries.
Mrs. Hop thought they looked like they were dancing when Mr. Hop would hop around the gooseberry bush, swing his rake, and sing while George hid at the back of the gooseberry bush, flapping his wings, scratching in the dirt—hurriedly gobbling green gooseberries.
Mr. and Mrs. Hop were so busy watching George with his colorful feathers, they didn’t see the less brightly-colored mother bird hiding in the brush pile while George was—noisily gobbling green gooseberries…

There’s a Mouse in the House! is a favorite short story book of children all over the world through the Worldreader program. Written by Janelle M. Hooper and co-authored by Jacob N. Studebaker, the book is beautifully illustrated by Sherri Bails.

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There’s a Mouse in the House!