My Three-Turtle Summer

Photo of me as a child with my new blond hair

The 1st book in my Turtle Trilogy
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My A Three-Turtle Summer novel (really a fictional autobiography) got its title because it was so hot that summer my pet turtles kept dying. Well, the first two died, anyway. The third one hung in there until winter when I dropped it in the snow. This part of the story is real and I can still remember the imprint the little creature made in the moonlit snow. I didn’t dare tell my father that I’d dropped it because I had been told not to take it out of the house—my dad had a terrible temper and I feared him. The above photo was taken that summer. Notice the blond hair. There’s a story behind that too. Aunt Vera (the same one with the kitchen in an earlier blog) colored it in a failed attempt to save my mother from another beating from my father, who was unhappy because I was looking more like her everyday.  A Three-Turtle Summer (part one of my Turtle Trilogy) is a grown-up book and it has its tough spots but it also has a lot of humor. 

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