Old Joe’s Pink Cadillac- expanded version

9-26-12 Old Joe cover


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Dear Readers,

I’ve expanded my short story, Old Joe’s Pink Cadillac, and made it available on Amazon. Note: This is one of the back stories for my Turtle Trilogy (A Three-Turtle Summer, As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries, and Custer & His Naked Ladies).

A few lines from Old Joe’s Pink Cadillac, expanded version…

“…Ben’s effort to see that Joe was well and had everything he needed was always appreciated by the old guy. He didn’t have a phone, so on hot nights, Ben would walk across the alley to say hello and make sure the old man had ice for his icebox. During the summer, ice and water could be lifesavers when temperatures in the Oklahoma town could be over a hundred or more in the daytime during the summer, and the town’s senior citizens were sometimes known to suffer from dehydration.
Most of the time, Ben’s offer to bring Joe some ice wasn’t needed because Joe had bought a block of ice after work and had hand-carried it all the way home. Upon Ben’s arrival, Joe would pull two bottles of beer out of his icebox, and he and Ben would go outside and sit on Elizabeth’s hood to cool off. There, in the dark, they’d listen to the crickets chirp, and the cats fight and hiss at each other on the Victorian’s porch. Sometimes, houses away, they’d hear a couple squabbling until they both decided it was too hot to fight.
Too hot to love.
Too hot to sleep.
Eventually, cats and people would quiet down for the night, and Ben and Joe would be left under a star-filled sky with only the crickets, lightning bugs, and a few mosquitoes for company…”

Amazon Kindle, suitable for NA (New Adult) & up.

Author’s note: I drew on my memories of growing up in an Oklahoma town for this story. About 35,000 people without the army at the time, and less than 8 miles from Fort Sill.

Also new on Amazon: Harpy & Julianne’s Tomato War, Kindle. Suitable for all ages.

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August 14th, National Navajo Code Talkers’ Day

See the book on Amazon (My WP is cranky this morning. It won’t post the link.)

                        A few Comanche words from the book.

Eka kuura– baby buffalo

Haa– yes

Kee– no

Maruawe- hello

Meztizo- part Indian, part Mexican

Mia!- go!

Natsa– interjection, meaning “no matter!”

Ohape- yellow watermelon

Peekwi– fish

Tehauno– Texan (not flattering)

Wakarèe- turtle

Wanapuhiwi- paper money


August 14th was National Navajo Code Talkers’ Day but there were other Native American Indians, like the Comanches, who helped in the war effort by befuddling enemy attempts to intercept radio messages. And let’s not forget the First Nations of Canada. We salute you! And thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

The Comanches, from my home state of Oklahoma, didn’t have a word for tanks in their radio messages, so they used the Comanche word for turtles: wakarèes. Now you know how I love my turtles…any wonder I think it was the perfect word? 

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