I Wanna Work for NASA! A comment.

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I Wanna Work for NASA!

Recently, NASA announced it was hiring for the Mars Project. I’m 72, sedentary, and I have no science skills. NONE. All the same, I figure they’ll snap me up!

I would have never considered applying for these new positions if I had to actually get in a spaceship and go to Mars. That’s not me. We already know there’s no chocolate up there. If they’re too primitive to have chocolate, what other creature comforts are they lacking? The list has to be long starting with the Nordstrom Shoe Sales and ending with Judge Judy. I ask you, how would I live without Judge Judy? (Of course, if there are frequent flyer miles involved, we can talk.)

The ad in Sunday’s paper promises they have jobs that I can do  from here, on Earth! How great is that? Let’s see what they’ve got:

NASA Aerospace Engineer—I’ll come back to this one. It may not be a fit.

Space X Rocket Development Test Engineer—Hmmm…I might be able to bluff my way into this one, if only they don’t see my 10th grade Algebra grades. I wonder if I could go back and take that class over?

Observational Astronomer—Now we’re talking. I went to the Kitt Peak Observatory outside of Tucson once. I still have the tee-shirt (It was on sale.). I’ll put a star by this one, no pun intended.

Science Writer—You have to learn to read between the lines on these job descriptions. What they’re really looking for here is a blogger. Not every blog has to be about finding water on Mars. Someone is going to have to handle, the videos of people’s housecats who tear up the toilet paper in the bathroom, run their snow mobiles into trees, and sling big pumpkins across their pasture. I can do that! Sign me up!

Note: If any of you guys from NASA see this post, check out my other stories on this site. There’s some good stuff here. All of it is original…well…I did steal the photo of Mars from your site, but was raining here and I didn’t want to get my iPhone wet!

Resource courtesy of The Tacoma News Tribune. Many thanks. 

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