Escape to Laredo, an excerpt


Note: This is one of the back stories for my Turtle Trilogy:

(A Three-Turtle Summer, As Brown As I Want: The Indianhead Diaries, and Custer & His Naked Ladies).

Escape to Laredo
Riding the Train to America
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Janelle Meraz Hooper

Thrown off the train in the middle of a Texas desert because she didn’t have her tickets, Gregoria and her children have been rescued by a cowboy on his way into town for supplies…

   Under a full moon, the combination of the cool air and the drops of water in her mouth from Wade’s canteen brought Gregoria around. The unorthodox picnic of biscuits and peaches was gobbled up by the children as if it were a Sunday meal at their father’s restaurante. When the food was gone, Wade loaded the woman onto his saddle, handed her the baby, and stacked the little girl with a head full of dark curls behind their mother. For safety and warmth, he tied her to her mother with a shawl he’d found among the discarded clothing he’d been picking up along the trail. The little darling whispered in his ear, “I have some gold coins in my pocket. Want one?”
    Wade smiled. Poor kid. If she had toy coins they must be all she had. As far as Wade could tell, the toddler didn’t even have a doll. What little girl didn’t have a doll? “No, honey, you keep it. Maybe you can buy yourself some ice cream when we get to town.” Her little face brightened at the thought.

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