YouTube video tips from a beginner

Note: I got away from making YouTube videos because of my work on Geronimo, Life on the Reservation. I hope to get back to it this winter. I now have two new tripods for lighting. Woot!

Today’s video tip: Some of you have mentioned an interest in making YouTube videos. As a beginner myself, I thought maybe we could learn together.

My latest video

Above is my latest video I’ve messed up…anyway the talent is good!

My equipment:

I should mention that I know NOTHING about video, but that doesn’t stop me! I have a  camera a little bigger than the size of  a deck of cards. I use a little plastic tabletop tripod that is only about 8 inches long and fits in my purse. When I get ready for the MovieMaker on my computer, all heck really breaks loose. We’ll get into that later. Maybe I can save you some stress!

I have no light meter or those fancy lights with the white umbrella attached. Maybe you don’t either.

Today’s tips:

If you’ve got pieces of film all over your computer for a video be sure to make copies and put all of them in a file. I’ve lost a whole day’s work this week because some of my video clips have sound and others don’t!  Now, I have no copies to switch to. Augh!

I had to punch out of this yesterday before I was done. If you look at the video, you’ll see I have a big bloom from too much light coming in the window. If I’d downloaded a test clip of film, I would have seen my problem before I used up three hours of my and the musician’s time. Are we having fun yet? Well, actually yes. This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

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