Donuts by Drone

New business idea! Donuts by Drone
Janelle Meraz Hooper

I have a new business idea. My first idea was to sell chocolate Easter bunnies with extra ears. That would have worked but it was too seasonal. I totally underestimated how early I needed to start to get all those ears cut off and packaged. Then, I was going to make sweatshirts for writers that were already messed up with ink marks. It turned out that all writers already have a stack of them that they made on their own. My new idea is drones that will deliver doughnuts early in the morning. Don’t tell anyone. I’m afraid will steal my idea…and they already have the drones. All I have so far is one of those balsa planes that has a wind-up rubber band to make the propeller work. I’m trying to figure out a way to make the rubber band also work to carry the doughnut sack. So far, it’s a work in progress. Sign up for delivery now!

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The Sugar Police

The Sugar Police

I’m happy to report that the Sugar Police at my health co-op on South Hill are diligently on the job today. At the snack bar, they refused to sell me a soda with sugar—all offerings were sugar-free but full of artificial sugar additives (I happen to believe artificial sugars aren’t good for me). Upon closer inspection, I noticed 11 (!) pieces of ooey-gooey pastry, 5 or 6 varieties of muffins, and 6 different types of packaged cookies. The man in front of me purchased an iced-mocha. I think I heard him request 2 sugars. They gave it to him. Really? Here’s what’s really funny: at 120 pounds, if it were going to kill me to have 3 or 4 sugared sodas a year wouldn’t it have done it by now? I’m over 73! Please don’t print my name or address as I’m sitting on an Easter basket that has the Mother-of-all chocolate bunnies in it and I don’t want the SP to confiscate it!

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