Snakes in New Jersey!

Bonnie King took this photo of me recently.

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I hadn’t intended to mention snakes again–let’s face it, it isn’t a pleasant subject for most of us–but it has happened again! A man in New Jersey had two snakes in his backyard recently. One boa was about 15-feet long and the other, a few days later, was 10-feet long! I’m starting to feel guilty about writing a humorous book about a big snake  running loose in an apartment building. In the real world, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Luckily, it was a man in the backyard in New Jersey and not children! I saw a show on TV about snakes that was really alarming. It said that when a big snake eats a person, it eats everything. Even their clothes and shoes. Leaving not a trace. How awful!

In three of my novels I mention the snakes in Oklahoma. It really is true that snakes would climb the trees around the lakes and sometimes drop off the limbs and land near our boats. Egad! It was enough to make a girl want tuna fish! Unfortunately, my dad had a if-you-don’t-fish-you-don’t-eat policy. So I fished.

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