Short Stories now available on Amazon

Short story sale extended until the end of January! My Kindle shorts: Harpy & Julianne’s Tomato war, Escape to Laredo, Old Joe’s Pink Cadillac, and There’s a Mouse in the House! are now just $.99 USD each  until after Christmas. Happy reading! Janelle

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Harpy & Julianne’s Tomato War
Last summer, Harpy & Julianne were fussing over cats and roses in my short story book, Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories (not on sale). This year, the two senior gardeners are having a tomato war. Kindle only. Suitable for all.


 Escape to Laredo cover

Escape to Laredo
To save her family, Gregoria Marteen and her children are fleeing Mexico on a train after the death of her husband. A pastry chef, Gregoria’s first job in Texas is at Bettye Buford’s Bed & Table. It does not go well. Kindle only. Suitable for all.



9-26-12 Old Joe cover


Old Joe’s Pink Cadillac
Old Joe didn’t have much, never did. But, at least, he had Elizabeth,
for a while…before his daughter, Cascade, got out of a women’s correctional facility and took her for a ride while Joe was at work. Kindle only. Suitable for all.



There’s a Mouse in the House!
A book of short stories and poetry to be read to toddlers.
Children and parents  alike will love the story content and characters like Okra (the cat), Jamaica (the green parrot), Mr. Hop (the nature-loving farmer), and more. A Worldreader favorite.



Read the first Harpy & Julianne Story here.
Read the first Harpy & Julianne story, Harpy & Julianne’s War of the Roses, here. Paperback & Kindle. Suitable for all.