August 14th, National Navajo Code Talkers’ Day

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                        A few Comanche words from the book.

Eka kuura– baby buffalo

Haa– yes

Kee– no

Maruawe- hello

Meztizo- part Indian, part Mexican

Mia!- go!

Natsa– interjection, meaning “no matter!”

Ohape- yellow watermelon

Peekwi– fish

Tehauno– Texan (not flattering)

Wakarèe- turtle

Wanapuhiwi- paper money

August 14th was National Navajo Code Talkers’ Day but there were other Native American Indians, like the Comanches, who helped in the war effort by befuddling enemy attempts to intercept radio messages. And let’s not forget the First Nations of Canada. We salute you! And thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

The Comanches, from my home state of Oklahoma, didn’t have a word for tanks in their radio messages, so they used the Comanche word for turtles: wakarèes. Now you know how I love my turtles…any wonder I think it was the perfect word? 

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