Booking video for Geronimo, Life on the Reservation

The booking video below was made with my own two little hands. What fun! Many thanks to the talented people who graciously allowed me to incorporate their work. Anyone can tell you, this story of Geronimo is a true labor of love!

August 25 & 26th, 2017, Rudy will be performing his show in Kenab, Utah, during The Western Legends Roundup  the Roundup runs from August21-26th, 2017. Don’t miss it!

Tickets for Geronimo:

Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, booking video

Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, now booking for new season!

Geronimo sitting2 1-2-15 Geronimo 1 First ActGeronimo at Winnsboro for Twitter8-28-13 Rudy photo from G website

Live. On stage.

Geronimo, Life on the Reservation

Geronimo, Life on the Reservation

by Janelle Meraz Hooper
directed by Steve Railsback

Starring Rudy Ramos

For booking and information contact:

“…The white men will never tell the whole story. They control everything that is said about us in newspapers and books. Even the maps favor the whites. Look and you will see. They are dotted with each place we fought the white soldiers. Look closely. You will see that if the soldiers won, it was a victory. If we won, it was a massacre…”

Bring Geronimo to a theatre near you!

Rave reviews in Tucson, AZ (High Chaparral Reunion); Albuquerque, NM; Winnsboro, TX; Muskogee, OK; Lawton, OK; Sherman Oaks, CA (Whitefire Theatre); Thousand Oaks, CA (Joel McCrea Ranch);

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