Bears in the Hibiscus, a few words…


 Hawaiian illus for Bear WP

Bears in the Hibiscus
(A humorous starting over romance…)
Janelle Meraz Hooper
My website: Janelle Meraz Hooper

Paperback, Kindle
Suitable for NA (New Adults) & up

Starting over, for Mary, meant going back to work…

…for her back-to-work wardrobe, Mary didn’t get away as easy, but she did discover three-piece suits at Bundles. She bought two of them and mixed or matched the jackets to the skirts and pants. It broke her heart to spend her limited funds on the shoe of choice for employee’s at her new job: an expensive, flat, ugly sandal with cork soles and buckles that she’d refused to wear even when she was in college. She purchased one pair of the gaggers, as she called them, then tried not to look down…

3-21-10 Final Bears cover

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